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Glenshaw Valley Presbyterian Church is a church for people of all ages and backgrounds. Young or old, healthy or sick, rich or poor; we seek to be relevant to everyone who walks into our beautiful sanctuary.

Our church has been a vital part of the community for more than 100 years. Our church was born in the 19th century, flourished in the 20th century and has entered into the 21st century. Not many churches can claim such an illustrious history. We are very proud of our past, yet we are seeking new ways to minister to the people around us. We must be prepared for the future God has for us!

We are a family-oriented church with people of various ages. We are seeking to be relevant to everyone who walks into our beautiful sanctuary, whether young or old, sick or healthy, rich or poor. You are welcome to worship with us on any given Sunday. There is a place for you to serve God, or you can relax in our worship service and let God minister to your soul as you seek direction in a complex world.

The love, mercy, and salvation of Jesus Christ are open to you. As part of the church worldwide, we hope you will join us in worship, service, and fellowship.

Rev Wood

Reverend Dr. David K. Wood

It may be hard to believe but for hundreds of years until relatively recent, Pentecost was just AS important a holiday as Christmas and Easter was on the Church calendar. Just to remind us again what this day is all about, Pentecost was the fiftieth day after Passover. Jerusalem was full of pilgrims from all over the Empire who had come to make an offering of the first fruits of their harvest in the Great Temple. After his resurrection, Jesus had remained with his followers for the next forty days, teaching and preparing them for his imminent departure for he had told them that the time would come when he would have to return to the Father. But before he left, he instructed them to wait in Jerusalem and to watch and pray together for the Spirit’s coming- for HIS spirit which would then fill them and become to them his personal presence. He assured them that when the Holy Spirit descended upon them, then he, Jesus, would be closer and more intimate to each one of them than when he walked and lived among them.

On the day of Pentecost, their waiting was finally over when suddenly, the sound of a mighty wind filled the Upper Room. Small tongues of fire appeared over all 120 of them and descended upon them just as their Lord had promised. Thus this event has come to symbolize the birth of the Church, the birth of a new people- the day we became the “body of Christ.” With this event, Christ himself now took up residence within the heart of each of his followers through the agency of his personal spirit. After this, never again would he ever leave them. 

The significance of this event is that it was the birth of the new age of the Spirit. Through the Holy Spirit, God was immediately taking up residence in the lives of any and all who would become a follower of his son, Jesus Christ. Our heart would now become God’s new home. Therefore, he has fully pledged himself to us through what St. Paul calls “a spirit of adoption” whereby we are now God’s children and God becomes our Heavenly Father with Jesus Christ as our brother. No matter where we go or whatever befalls us, we can be assured we will never have to endure it alone for not only do we have God’s personal presence with us, but we have the rest of his body--the Church--to lend us ITS support as well. Thus, from then on, we could count on having Christ actively at work in and through our lives- enlightening us, empowering us, and guiding us every step of the way along this often unsteady journey we call life. 

On Sunday, June 4th, we will once again remember the significance of Pentecost- the birthday of the Church universal. We will celebrate over 2000 years of her existence and mission during which Holy Communion will be served. As the Church has for hundreds of years, may we TOO come to regard it every bit as important as Christmas and Easter is on the Christian calendar. Our power and thus the strength of our witness as Christians before others ultimately depends upon it. Have a blessed summer!

            Pastor Dave

Clerk of Session:         Clifford Huff
Chair of Deacons:        Suzanne Connors
Christian Education:    B.J. Morrison
Women's Association: B.J. Morrison







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